Getting help

The PIAT is intended to help you prevent, assess and manage invasive ant problems yourself. However, sometimes the problem is difficult or expensive, and needs outside help. These resources can provide additional support.

The first point of contact for homeowners should be local agriculture / environment officers.

  • Regional agencies: the regional CROP agencies are mandated to provide training and assist with preventing ant invasions (biosecurity and incursion response) and managing invasive species in the Pacific. These agencies include SPC and SPREP. A number of other non-governmental organisations can assist with advice.
  • Technical experts: technical experts will be able to provide you with advice on prevention and management of ant problems, and help identify ants.
  • Pest managers: pest managers are professional companies that can provide pest management services.
  • Assistance with funding: attempting to control or eradicate invasive ants can be expensive. First contact your local environment or agriculture department about funding. 
  • Forums: online forums can put you in contact with a wider range of experts that may be able to help.