Targeted insecticides


Targeted insecticides such as ATTRATHOR and Biflex are used to control ants in areas where broadcast baiting is not appropriate, or as a barrier to prevent ant movement.

For example concrete surfaces in ports and the outside of shipping containers are treated monthly with targeted insecticides such as Biflex as part of the Sea Container Hygiene System.

Although ATTRATHOR is described here, the method applies to many other targeted insecticide products. Use this as a guide but always read the manufacturer's instructions and SDS.


ATTRATHOR is used in sheltered areas and building interiors. Like all ant treatment products ATTRATHOR contains an attractant and a toxicant.

The insecticide comes in a concentrated form and is diluted in water at a rate of 10 ml of ATTRATHOR to 1 L of water.

Once applied to a surface, the water rapidly evaporates leaving an invisible residue. The attractant in the residues draws the ants to the area, where they become covered in the poison and then carry it back to their nest.

ATTRATHOR is particularly effective when sprayed directly onto a trail of foraging workers, as it does not interfere with the trailing pheromones and it is guaranteed that a high volume of ants will pass through the poison and carry it back to the nest.


You will need:
  • A pressurised garden pump sprayer (with a measure on the side)
  • A measuring jug (1 L)
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Face mask
Always wear nitrile gloves when handling ATTRATHOR. 

To begin, fill a garden spray bottle with HALF the required amount of water. Typically, ATTRATHOR is mixed in 1 L batches, so fill the garden spray bottle with 500 ml of water.

The ATTRATHOR concentrate bottle has a measuring dispenser built into it.

Shake the concentrate bottle gently before use.

Hold the bottle upright, remove the pouring cap and squeeze the centre of bottle gently.

The measuring dispenser will gradually fill. When the required amount has been dispensed (e.g. 10 ml for a 1 L mix) pour it into the garden spray bottle.

Replace the lid on the ATTRATHOR concentrate immediately.

Then add the remaining water (another 500 ml) into the spray bottle.

Replace the lid of the garden spray bottle and shake gently.

The spray bottle should have a pump handle to pressurise it. Pump the bottle until the handle becomes hard to move.

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The ATTRATHOR® concentrate bottle has a built in measuring dispenser (© Ensystex)

Typical 1 L pressurised garden sprayer (© Masters Home Improvement)

Application of ATTRATHOR

Always wear nitrile gloves when applying ATTRATHOR. Avoid breathing the spray mist. Use of a face mask is recommended.

Apply ATTRATHOR in sheltered areas or interiors where broadcast bait is not practical.

Do not spray ATTRATHOR in areas exposed to rain. Spray one 15 cm line of spray approximately every 2.5 - 3 m.

If the ATTRATHOR is being sprayed in areas where young children or domestic animals might come into contact with it make sure it is sprayed on surfaces over 1.5 m above ground level.

Where possible spray directly on to trails of target ant species.

Once application is finished release the pressure on the pump sprayer.

Optimum spacing grid for application of ATTRATHOR targeted insecticide (© Allan Burne, Pacific Biosecurity)

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