13 other problem ants

Ten of the following ant species are common invaders across the Pacific. The other two species, the browsing ant (Lepisiota frauenfeldi) and the tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva), are not yet widespread but have the potential to become so. These species have not been as well studied at the worst 5 invasive ant species, so less is known about them. The descriptions in the following pages should help identify these species and their environmental, agricultural and social impacts.

The information should also help in identifying these ants using the unaided eye. Definitive identification requires a microscope (or talk to a technical expert). Links at the bottom of each species description provide further information on identification of these ants using a microscope. If the ant you are interested in is not here, or among the worst 5 ants, we provide links for identification.

Once the ant is identified the GISD database and CABI describe the biology and impacts of many invasive ant species. Where available we have also provided videos of the ants to assist in identifying the different species in the field.

Choose the links below or click on the images on the right for detailed information.

Bicoloured pennant ant : Bicoloured trailing ant : Black crazy ant : Browsing ant : Ghost ant : Pharaoh ant : Similar groove-headed ant : Singapore ant :  Tawny crazy ant : Tropical fire ant : Difficult white-footed ant : Fijian white-footed ant : White-footed house ant


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