Pest managers

Pest managers provide professional or commercial services to manage pests.

Many countries in the Pacific do not have pest management operators that specialise in ants.

Some countries (e.g. New Zealand and Australia) have many pest management operators, but few that specialise in working on ant control in the Pacific.


FBA consulting: FBA work throughout New Zealand and the Pacific and specialise in invasive ant control for a variety of species. They have many years experience and are recognised as experts in their field. FBA are experienced in delivering positive results for projects with complex logistics in remote areas, such as Tokelau. They also offer solutions for residential DIY applications and will provide professional advice at no cost.

Hawaii Ant Lab: The Hawaii Ant Lab specialises in control of little fire ant. They have developed a range of treatment tools that effectively manage little fire ants.


Nishi Trading - Men in Bugs: Men in Bugs is located at Hekoni Rd, Nuku'alofa, Tonga, phone 786 3028, email Men in Bugs assist with the Tongan SCHS operations, so their processes are audited by New Zealand MPI.


Fiji has a number of commercial pest controllers.

Rentokil Fiji - unverified

Fastkill pest control - unverified


Ezzykill Pest Control: Ezzykill Pest Control is located in Port Vila, Vanuatu, phone 00 678 27899, email Ezzykill Pest Control works closely with the local community and Vanuatu's Biosecurity Department in the control of the little fire ant.

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