The AWARE Programme



AWAreness-Raising Education (AWARE) aims to build resilience against threats to environmental heritage and cultural in the Pacific through supporting science and environment education.

We work together with our partners to strengthen conservation through education to protect cultural, agricultural and biodiversity values in the Pacific.

Our pilot initiative has involved working with the Science Curriculum Development Team in Kiribati to deliver invasive species education for Year 6. This content was tailored specifically to the needs of Kiribati, based on their curriculum requirements and implemented in all 96 junior schools in Kiribati in early 2019. The lessons are supported by a set of resources in the i-Kiribati language that can be used for outreach in the wider community also.

A more generic set of lessons on key invasive species in the Pacific is also provided.

These resources have grown from our work providing a specific set of resources around invasive ants, which can be used for focused study on this group.

We plan to develop these resources towards a holistic framework driven by the needs of partners in the Pacific.