Visitor awareness

Passengers  and their belongings are a significant potential pathway for the introduction of invasive ant species.

Typically, people are not aware of their potential to act as vectors for invasive ants, so it is important to make them aware of the risks.

Videos played or leaflets distributed on inward flights are a useful means of raising awareness.  If this information can be presented in an entertaining and engaging way that is a bonus. For example, New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries recently introduced an animated border patrol dog as a means of conveying biosecurity information.

The poster on the right is intended to be used for general prevention and awareness of ants, and to highlight the obligation overseas visitors and local travelers have to ensure they meet biosecurity regulations.

The poster is designed to be printed as a banner and placed in the arrivals hall at airports / ports. If you would like one of these, please contact us, or print your own copies from our Posters section, or use our "build your own" Powerpoint templates to make your own.

In addition to informing passengers, it is important to screen them in order to identify travelers from high risk areas or who may be carrying high risk items. Arrival cards are an ideal screening tool.


Biosecurity / Quarantine declarations (arrival cards)

 New Zealand passenger arrival card
  All inbound passengers must fill in a biosecurity arrivals form. The form should question the traveler whether they are carrying anything on a list of potential risk pathways.

Arrival cards are an effective way to ensure that passengers meet biosecurity regulations.

They do rely on people's honesty, and sometimes, unfortunately, this is unreliable. So it is important that even if forms have been filled in, baggage should still be checked. This is particularly important if arrival cards have not been well handled in the past.

It is also important to check items if people have declared them. Some people might declare some things but still be carrying prohibited items.

To be effective, the breach of regulations does need to be addressed in some way, if not with a fine, at least with confiscation and a warning.

The effective use of arrival cards can greatly increase awareness of the importance of biosecurity.