Biosecurity legislation and regulations

Legislation is used to increase the effectiveness of biosecurity. These laws are effective at many levels, ranging from local to international. Here you will find links to examples of nations' biosecurity legislation and information about international and regional organizations that assist in the standardization of biosecurity law to prevent the spread of pests and diseases and to maintain fair trade.

In addition, you will find examples of mechanisms that are used to enforce biosecurity such as Import Health Standards, Unwanted Organism Registers and Country Freedom Lists.

Biosecurity legislation operates at multiple levels through:

Legislation devised at each level should be compatible and complementary to legislation above and below it. In reality this can be difficult to achieve, particularly at the departmental level. However, it is the mandate of international organizations to assist in the production of legislation that is consistent across levels. Membership to these organizations can assist in the development of best practice biosecurity protocols.

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